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Messages From Outer Space?

The Federation of Light

Mark KImmel's ET Messages

The Coded ET Messages

The Extraterrestrial Sermons

Extraterrestrail Messages


Extraterrestrials and Their Messages

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The messages were chanelled by the extraterrestrials to ET contacts. Extraterrestrials also include angels, highly evolve entities,masters and other beings beyond our planet (terrestrial). It is their wisdom to inspire us and motivate us live the life with love, hope and care to every creation to both unseen and seen world.

Phylus of Mars
He is now one of the Masters of ETs in charge of building new Spacecrafts

Alien Entities Appear in Wood
An ET Contact Can Communicate with them thru this piece of wood

Queens' Messages

Fei (Mars)

Afhele (Neptune)

Dalyr (Pluto)

Novah (Saturn)

Kegryl (Mercury)

Lessy (Neptune)

Kings' Messages

Satuhr (Mars)

King Lesper (Mercury)

Mfel (Saturn)

Ferde (Mars)

Marohz (Neptune)

Nosoh (Mercury)

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