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"Divination: Soothsayers use divining tools such as Tarot Cards, Numerology, Crystal Ball, IChing, Runes, Tea Leaves, Water and others, to determine the situation that must be resolved affecting an individual, a group, a nation, and the whole universe. Most dictionaries define divination as foretune telling or predicting the events to happen, however, to an honest psychic reader it is not merely predicting the future, but it is seeing the present events and how to relate it for possible outcome in the days or years to come. Divination was mostly used by the mystics, high priests, sorcerers, and psychics during ancient times to give answers to queries of their kings, queens especially if they are facing hard times to resolve issues that affect their plans.
But we must be reminded that whatever the events we see during divination, everything will be altered based on how you handle the situation by using your own free will for better life not for worst.."

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"It is my unending gratitude to Noel Resella, REiki master and Teacher, who shared his wonderful site especially his self-designed computer generated "psychic reader" thru mystical methods that motivate and inspire an individual soul to transcend to his inner higher self."

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