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Paranormal Counsellor Rey T. Sibayan's Television appearances discussing about the paranormal and psychic phenomena such as ghosts, spirits, mind power, astral travel, and others.
Ground Zero's First REAL Ghost Encounter
Misteryo's Rey Sibayan and Ground Zero Team first encounter of ghosts. Aired last July 5, 2008 over Destiny Cable Channel 3. Ground Zero was a segment of Tito Potato Show. 

Qtv's Sapulso Features "Multo sa Litrato" (Ghosts in Photos)
Qtv's Sapulso features a segment about Ghosts in Photos (Multo sa Litrato)last August 27, 2007. RS explains why these invisible entities (ghosts, spirits) appear in photos. The purpose of their manifestations vary from just a simple message "we are here" to very sensitive cases of possession and poltergeist.

GMA 7's 100% Pinoy Features Encantos (Elementals)

GMA7's 100%Pinoy features Elementals (engkantos, malignos) manifestations aired last July 21, 2007. RS interviews a girl's suitor kapre but turned into the girl's possession.

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