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"Dont ask me if ghosts, and nature spirits are real, but it is better to realize that they are around us. Ghosts roaming the physical world are earthbound souls although there are instances that these unseen beings are actually the astral body of the living. Presence of nature spirits or elementals such as elves, fairies, giants and others can't be denied especially to those who can see them with their eyes. It is better that we acknowledge their presence because whether we admit it or not, the truth is 'we are not alone. Spirits manifest in many ways, they could appear right before your eyes. They can be seen as smoke, shadow, light or in physical form depends on the witness' clairvoyant ability and how they appear in digital photos like the pictures below."

TV Crew Caught on Cam Actual Ghost Encounter and Spirit Possession
Ground Zero, segment of Tito Potato Show aired over Ch 3 Destiny Cable, 7pm, Saturday, witnessed an actual ghost encounter in CCP Complex. The ghost encounter was followed by an actual spirit possession. Watch the video below or the link in youtube:

Ghost in Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines
The video below captures ghosts in an area in Clark Field, Pampanga. See it by yourself and try to think about it if it's real or not. Make a comment on this link:


Know The Date of Your Death...You Dare?
This site offers an idea when a person would die. But this is based on some questions you must answer, including your body mass index, your lifestyle, and your basic birth datas such as birthdate, etc. Any calculation that would come out is based on what details you typed in. There's nothing here to be scared of because we must face the truth that someday we will leave this world of existence. But be reminded that we can't really sure the exact time of our death, because "death would come like a thief." Most Filipinos believe that "if it is time to die, we can't resist it nor prevent it."

Encounter with a Kapre (Elemental)
T V Network GMA7's 100% Pinoy Show features Rey Sibayan and his interview with an elemental "Kapre" thru a possessed girl. The video was taken in the house of Edlyn Cruz in Mandaluyong City last June 16, 2007.

Spirits Appear In Digital Photo
October 2005, Silang Cavite

Silhouette Entities Appear in Photo
This photo was taken last October 2005, an event attended by real estate agents and officers in Silang, Cavite. You will notice the manifestation of ghosts when you take a closer look into the picture. It seems the ghosts (dead people or nature spirits) were curious about the group's activity. Clik the photo for the details...

Orbs Appear in this Digital Photo
Photo Taken inside Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

Orbs: Spirits or Energy?
There are different theories about Orbs. Some say Orbs are manifestations of earthbound souls while others say these are elementals or nature spirits, ETs and other non-physical beings. Paranormal investigators say orbs are energies transfered from a source to the spirits for their material manifestations. It cannot be denied that orbs appear in haunted places, where known to be have ghosts manifestations like the photo taken inside Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City. One of Yes FM DJs Ivan, gave their photos to me when they visited the hotel last April 3, 2006.

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