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About Rey T. Sibayan

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Rey T. Sibayan a.k. a. Rey Sibayan, RS, Misteryo:

Electrical Engineering graduate,  Broadcast Journalist, a Paranormal and Psychic Researcher/Writer/Investigator/Counsellor. 

April 1998: started his journey on searching and revealing the truth about the Unknown, Strange Phenomena, Psychic Manifestations, Spirits, Extraterrestrials, UFOs, Ghost Encounters, Astral Travels, Visions and other Paranormal Experiences. 

RS writes columns, blogs, news about the paranormal and psychic phenomena in print media and internet-based news organization/blog sites. 

Mr. Sibayan, the main host of the defunt radio program MISTERYO aired over DZRH, from April 22, 2006 to October 2011. 

Misteryo can be consulted about the Paranormal, Healing, Exorcism, Ghost Manifestations, Angelic Encounters, UFO Sightings, Third Eye Development, Spirituality and other related stuff by texting only at 09081217808/09179076847. Calls are not usually entertained due to hectic schedule.
Below is a video interview of New Era Students with RS about the Paranormal.

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Paranormal, Psychic, Spiritual Consultations:
Please Contact Mr. Rey T. Sibayan: 09081217808/09179076847
Email: misteryophilnet@gmail.com
Websites: reysibayan.com; misteryophilippines.com