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Identified Flying Objects (IFOs)

USAF Flying Saucers

Canada's Avro Car

US NAvy's Chance Vought V-173

Project Silverbug

Chance Vought XF5U - 1

Military Flying Saucers

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UFOs, Extraterrestrials

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"UFO SIGHTINGS are manifestations of Extraterrestrial presence on this planet. They are already here since the beginning of time, they taught us how to live and survive,they shared their knowledge, and wisdom. Now its about time for us to acknowledge their presence, to show them we are grateful about their effort to preserve life on Earth by sharing our piece to protect the planet from massive destruction. On the other hand, we have to unite to counter any plan by other alien race to control us and make us their slaves."- RS

The Manifestation of ETs

ET Entity In My Photo
October 2, 2005

Proof of Extraterrestrial Presence
"An extraterrestrial being confirmed that he appeared in this picture to prove they exist. ET beings have an etheric-like body the reason they can walk thru walls like spirits do. They communicate not with their mouth but with their mind, a method known as telepathy. They promised to manifest physically in the future but man should go through the process of transformation." -RS

May ? 1932 - A Vintage UFO Encounter

Project SERPO: The US-Alien Exchange Program
A retired military official  of the US government called himself "Request Anonymous" exposed a ten year space exchange program between the United States and the alien beings in the Planet Serpo of the Zeta Reticuli Star System, about 39 light years away from Earth. It is also revealed that the Steven Spielberg's Movie, Close Encounter of the Third Kind, was actually a re-enactment of the exchange program, when US military personnel, who knew of the Serpo, imparted their knowledge to Spielberg. Serpo is an Earth-sized planet with a population of around 650,000 alien beings (known in ufology as EBENs). An EBEN who allegedly survived the Roswell crash was said to have used a communication device to set up the exchange. Of the twelve who went on the exchange, eight returned (though all have since died), one died on Serpo, one died en route to the planet, and two remained there. Bill Ryan believes that the story has credibility partially because some of the physics don't add up, and if someone was fabricating it all, they would have presented more consistent details. Experts in the field of UFOlogy debate and probe the exchange program, some say the project is a hoax, after an owner/adminstrator, who appears to be in cahoots with those behind the information published an "admission" from those behind Project Serpo and Project Seinu that the Serpo/Seinu information was fallacious. What else do we expect, critics/skeptics would kill the story to the best they can do. The question is: what if there is indeed a kind of project like this? Are we ready to accept it? More on the Project Serpo,

Project Serpo's Bill Ryan being interviewed about the US-Alien Exchange program focusing it's impact to the future of human beings. Watch the video below.

Facts About Project Serpo

People Behind Serpo

The Extraterrestrial Profiles

The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program

The Facts About UFOs and ETs

The Facts About UFOlogy and the Study of ETs

UFO Evidence Sightings

The National UFO Reporting Center

UFOs On Maps

ETs (Extraterrestrials)

Vatican Okays Belief in Extraterrestrials

NASA Astronaut Says ETs are Here

John Lennon, other Rockers Met Aliens

Quotes of World Leaders About ETs

Proof of Extraterrestrial Existence

Boy Plays with Extraterrestrial Kids

Aliens at the Vatican

Plutonians Condemn Demoting Plutos Status

Were Humans Genetically Engineered By Aliens?

Scientists Found Alien Image In Duck's X-ray

Extraterrestrial Classifications

Extraterrestrial Civilizations

Extraterrestrial History on Planet Earth

Extraterrestrials in the Bible

Fake ET Photo

Alien Head Appears in Duck's X-Ray

Alien Entity Caught In Video

ET Contact: Dolphin Connection

The Starchild Project: Quest for Alien Skull

Theories On Alien Agenda

Signs of Alien Abductions

Alien Abduction Case Histories

Taken, An Alien Abduction and Virtual Reality

ETs Save Earth in 1908

UFOs, Alien Technology

New Classifications of UFO

Real UFO Sightings in the Philippines

UFOs Filmed Over the Pyramids

Germans Built Spacecrafts in 1920s

UFOs Filmed Over the Pyramids

Alien Being Caught on Photograph

Flying Triangle sighted in Antipolo City

Flying Triangles Investigated

UFO Sighting Over Manila, New Year's Eve '05

UFO Sighting Over Zamboanga City On Christmas Eve '05

UFO Sightings in the Philippines

UFO Sightings in Caliraya, Laguna

The 100 Most Influential People in UFOlogy

First Encounter of the Flying Discs

UFO Gallery

How To Report UFO Sighting

Majic 12 Document on Alien Technology

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